The Beginning and the End

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The universe was coming to a slow stop. The human race were hanging on the edge of life on a planet constructed in the late 10 billionth year. The world was heated by a moon-star that orbited once a day. It was powered by gold, a material that was luckily stored and used for the exchange of goods in the very early technological age of the human species.
The search other life in the universe had been fruitless.There seemed to be only one hope left for life, and it was to understand exactly what happened at the moment of the creation of the universe in the hope that it could be done again.
It took Jayden 10 years to create a design for an accelerator needed to get the power. The last known black hole was 10 light years away, so the entrance to the accelerator was in orbit around it. When everything was in place, the particle bunch would be sent towards the black hole. At every light year there would be another accelerator. By the time the particles reached the black hole they would be going 99.999999999% of the speed of light. the remaining amount of speed would be added by the black hole as the particles entered the event horizon. The results of the collision with the singularity would then be projected on the surface of the event horizon for later study.
From what could be taken from the masses of ditectors on the planet, it seemed that there was nothing left but the artificial planet and the moon. This too was slowing. Jayden knew that time was running out. He needed, more that ever before, to find a sollution.
Jayden and his massive team sat ready in the observation room. Everything was in place. He looked around at his team. Many had began this before he was born, many had died in the progress, and many had seen their children become grandparents. The all looked intently at the massive machine in front of them.
The main parts of the machine had to be created using the moon-star that orbited their world. A huge mould would be sent in orbit around it. As it reached the star, it would heat up; allowing the controlled pouring mechanism to begin. The completed parts would then be worked on the way to their position. The project was the last hope for the human race, so no expense was spared. It was the second largest project that had ever been attempted.
The machines came to life. The first rotation was around the facility, the second around the planet, and then they were released toward the black hole. As they were released, alarms went off everywhere.
"What's going on?" said Jayden. "Did something go wrong?"
"It's the planet," said Shalin. "It's stopping. We're slowing down."
"That means it's over. We've failed. We're going to dissapear into the hole." Jayden slumped on his chair.
The planet came to a slow stop. It then began moving towards the black hole with increasing speed.
The particle bunch was heading towards the hole also. As its speed increased, its mass did also. The design allowed for this. By the time it had reached the black hole, its mass was almost that of the black hole itself.
The planet was gaining speed. It was now heading for the black hole at over 100,000 miles per second.
The particle bunch went though the first gate. These gates would only be capable of increasing the speed and energy of the particle by 0.000000001%. As the mass increased, so did the amount of energy needed. The accelerating machines would literally kill themselves to give the bursts of energy needed. They would then slowly follow the particle bunch into the black hole. Now it seemed so would the planet and all of humanity.
The particles flew through each stage at minutely increasing increments. They were slowly followed by the accelerators and then the planet.
On the Planet the humans that still believed in God's were praying, others were celebrating, and some carried on - ignorant of what was about to happen. Jayden and his team were transfixed on the monitors on the last gate, close to the black hole. The particle bunch seemed to be slowing, although all of the instruments showed them speeding up.
What was happening was clear; Einsteins special relativity was taking over.The accelerators that had been used were following the particles and the planet we're both now gaining on the particle bunch. Just as the muons seemed to freeze in time on their trip down the mountain, so now did the particle bunch.
The particle bunch was now just about to enter the event horizon. It seemed to be very closely followed by the accelerators and the planet.
The all entered in what seemed unison.
What happened next could never have been predicted. It just so happened that the planet with its moon-star, the accelerators, and the particle Bunch were almost all the mass left in the universe, apart from the last black hole and the field that makes up space itself. The energy that was present at the big bang had been created again.
as this last amount of mass was added to the black hole an amazing thing happened. The gravity of the core of the black hole had reached it's exact amount. It was imploding. Not only was it imploding so was space itself imploding on the black hole.
It all happened so fast. Time itself was imploding. As it was in the beginning of the universe, so it was again. Faster than light speeds were created as space retreated. As this happened, and the entire universe imploded, it began travelling back in time, or time, you could say, was imploding as space itself did. The big bang was being recreated, or you could say it was happening as it did and one day would again.

About the Author: 
I'm an international school teacher. For the last five years I'm been writing and teaching myslef physics as a hobby. My girlfriend just had to have an opperation that cost a huge amount of money, so I thought I would try and make some using what I learned.