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He had always been lonely. As both an orphan and a child with super powers living in a world of bland humanity, it was perhaps to be expected. He had his adopted family, of course, and his friends … but there seemed to be some deeper connection that should have been there and was missing.
Everyone was always nice to him. Either he would be a super-villain or a super-hero; he had not yet made his decision. If he was a super-hero, they curried his favour as insurance – one day they might need his help. If he was a villain … well, if he was a villain, they did not want to get on his bad side.
He had extraordinary strength, and faster than light speed, but he liked best to fly. Up in the sky, he felt free. Even the insects, constantly splattering against his face could not deter him. His mother suggested he wear a mask, but he refused - only lame supers wore masks.
It was in the air that he made the choice that would define him for the rest of his life. For once he wasn't flying for pleasure - he had been exploring the Andes, and now he was going to be late for chem. His keen vision spotted a passenger aircraft spiralling out of control, engines aflame. ‘What do I do?’ He wondered. ‘Do I save them? Or do I keep going? ’ Swooping towards the plane, he used his strength to slow its wild descent and settle it gently onto the earth. He used his frozen breath to dampen the flames, and his super speed to get emergency services. His quick thinking saved sixty men, forty women and twelve children and awarded him the first of many medals of valour.

In the precise moment that one orphan became a hero, another super - another orphan - was eating breakfast half a world away. He had been worrying about a school assignment that was due tomorrow. The solution hit him in an unusual moment of clarity. He would find some other kid and zap them with his lightning bolts if they did not do his paper. It was such an elegant resolution, he did not know why it had not occurred to him before.

Years later, the two supers finally met; one good and one evil. As they prepared to do battle, their eyes gleamed and their blood sang; both were conscious of feeling less alone then they ever had before.

About the Author: 
I have always wondered why a superhero always has an arch-nemesis? It occurred to me that perhaps quantum entanglement provides the answer.