And The Walls Came Tunneling Down

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“Any questions?”
Professor MacLeod’s booming voice ruffled his grey mustache and beard and brought his final lecture in Quantum Social Mechanics to an end. It had been an eye-opening adventure for Isabella especially after MacLeod’s pre-requisite Quantum Mechanics courses filled with complicated mathematics, dry applications and books filled with sepia-toned photographs of crusty, old men with Germanic-sounding names.
No, this had been different. Very different. Uplifting even.
“Professor,” she started, hand waving vigorously. “When did we, I mean we as mankind, eh, humankind I mean, when did we realize that the concepts of Quantum Mechanics were applicable to human affairs?”
“For that you need to sign up for my ‘History of QSM’ course. Starts next term. Everybody out! Or you could buy my book. If you want an overview, access the summary chapter on the university entangled network. That’ll give you the gist in an instantaneous wink of an eye instead of at c”.
Back at Café Chaos-on-Campus, frothy hot latte almost brimming over, the open hearth radiating its warmth on this bright and cold winter’s day, Isabella threw a puff of cinnamon onto the white foam and summoned the QSM History hologram onto her walnut coffee table.
After what distinctly seemed like more than a wink of an eye (mental note – contact Entanglement Experts “There Before You Know It”), the same old sepia scientists eventually gave way to images of human conflict like nothing she’d seen before.
Thick, tall walls were going up all over the world. Higher and higher. Huge machines stacking concrete slabs one on top of the other. Barbed wire, broken glass, trenches, watch towers, soldiers, drones. The images danced on her reading glasses. Humanity separated. Different camps, tribes, religions, ethnicities, languages. And human suffering on a grand scale. This was the New Dark Age that she had learned about in history class
And among all this, demagogues and rabble-rousers of all sorts promising a hodge-podge of policies to each of their kith and kin. What a rogue’s gallery! Isabella recognized some of them. It was only some fifty years ago after all.
She sipped her latte as these talking heads faded away to be replaced by the famous Lucas Alexander and his cosmopolitan team of researchers. They were the first to apply Quantum Mechanics to human interactions and uniquely won the Nobel prizes for peace and physics simultaneously.
Barrier penetration was the first breakthrough. No matter how tall and thick were those walls, there will always be a way through.
Gamow-style nuclear penetration was the second. From afar, humans would repel each other. Close up, no matter what apparent differences there may be, an attractive force takes over to bring people together. And the human energy needed turns out to be much smaller than people originally thought.
This was further refined in their later work to model it as an exchange interaction between identical particles leading to an attractive human force.
The real breakthrough was their analysis of each demagogue’s incoherent policy as a superposition of a quasi-infinite set of orthogonal, mutually exclusive sub-policies.
This “policy wavefunction” would collapse when inspected by the withering gaze of the silent majority of the electorate. The result was either a null function or a workable policy that showed the democratic system to be quite robust against such incoherence and uncertainty.
Quantum Social Mechanics had been born.
Naturally it took humanity several years to accept but gradually the walls were seen for what they were: scars on the face of humanity itself. They were taken down.
Isabella closed the hologram and sat back. The fire crackled in the hearth. She looked around at all the varied faces of those sitting at the other tables. A cacophony of different languages filled the room (all simultaneously and instantaneously translated through the entangled web of course).
She conjured up MacLeod’s QSM History hologram and signed up.
“I want to do my part” she thought to herself.
DRRIINNG went her communicator. “Yes, who is it?” she asked.
“Hi, this is Entanglement Experts. We hear there’s a delay in your communications…..”

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Physicist and Silicon Valley entrepreneur. Always fascinated by the history and fundamentals of science and Quantum Mechanics in particular. An optimist about the future of humanity.