3 minutes after

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It wasnt quite suited for this afternoon to be Richard's last ever in the structure, but his destiny decided to play his own game back. Every inch of his up quarks were showing such and undefined reaction while walking in, towards his judgement place he leastly wanted to be on. If my whole life was a paper and pen, i wouldn't have time to describe his appearance in this part of second he lived for next few sentences to say in his defence. Dindal effect and several rays of sun managed to give us dramatical scene of his cold face and non moving dark eyes piercing the room. There wasnt much space and time he had on disposal and he had to be cold bloded on every word which is about to be thrown at him.
" Court of Helium on its first attendance ever is giving you one very last chance to speak in your defence. Richard Delta Baryon, from Hadron family, which, I must say, this tribunal respects at its most, pull yourself together, please use common sense and give me one reason not to sentence you, poor particle " - high voice of Ernest James Nutrio reached every corner, as he sat on his judge place for first time ever since existance.
"All of my sins are condensed in one simple wish of every single particle you and I ever met. Freedom! - Richard stood up and blasted away all silence that has been acumulated in trial up to this very moment of resolution.
" There is no more time to be spent here, I'm afraid. If you and your laws consider me being guilty for trying to reach out, even with my single quark, of this prison we've been in since we are born and where are ancestors lived for billions of years, I am the guiltiest part of this universe."
Perhaps it wasn't so hard for Richard to show his full courage out here and react on his free will but one thing was sure, it was amazingly hard to watch it. However, the trial consisted of only three members :
Richard . Guilty for attempt of leaving sector 5 of Helium atom station.
Ernest . Judge of this microverse, hardly taking all of his words considering strong bond between two.
Myself . Name not included in process. Orbiting about center of event since begining of time. Spectator.
Raising his head up, looking directly in judge, spread weird atmosphere all around the place. All of subordinates witnessed the historical moment, watching the composition of only three quarks fighting against uncomparable wast of universe, space and time.
The one who asks had no words so the one who is asked spoke.
" What am I meant to be ? Who and with what purpouse created Richard Delta in center of absolute. Tell me. Doesn't the fact of our size frustrates you like it does to me every single moment i exist ? Ernest, you seem like an eternity when i look upon your lifespan, and that is probably the main reason you are the one in charge here and I will never be. Just tiny pieces in helium puzzle, right ? I hope that you understand I'm not now nor i will ever defend myself for ambition of being free. If you need it it's yours. My cage life, i don't feel like i need it anymore." - Richard ended his statement cooler than a cold fusion, considering irony of cold fusion not being so cold, lets say he was way much cooler.
Ending of ones lifespan is sure meant to be an important thing. Ending Richards life had no any possible affect, maybe in some of parallel universes but here, not even slightly. It had been his last speech before he sat down to expect result of the case.
Ernest couldn't get his eyes of the window as sun rays again allowed us to see Richards empty look dividing the event from pleasant to unpleasant. It looked like he has been drawing energy from this silence which has been enabled by previous gravely words.
" 3 minutes after Richard. Can you calculate how much your lifespans 3 minutes contain ? 3 minutes after begining, after source of every life we can imagine and ones we can't, helium was created. You, Richard, I'm aware of how much, crave and ache for what mankind has, absolute freedom. Yet, you act like the biggest fool world has ever seen and end up being naive, thinking someone in this universe has more liberty than you do. Stars, planets, stardust, comets and asteroids just like humans, trees, electricity, fire and water in total have no more freedom than you and I have in enormously smaller life. Everything has its begining and its end, so do you, neutrons, electrons and this universe we experienced more than any human ever will. If I had power to make such a differential sentence to give you ability of eternal life so you can see that there is no definition of freedom out there. Definition of great freedom is your very existance. 3 minutes after, blast that created your and my world, freedom appeared in helium, billions of years before one tiny being called human felt it. Richard I sentence you guilty for not belief in your ancestors and yourself, use this nanoseconds wisely to say your last words. " - were the words that Ernest drawed from the left third court window which now didn't emit any sunlight for Richard's dissapearing vista. As he didn't bothered to open his eyes for one last time, Richard, in relaxed manner, uttered : " I guess that being aware of the fact that I know white round ball they call moon is out there, even if I don't see it, was simply not enough "

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Trillions of lifespans of tiny particles old. I'm from Bosnia and Herzegovina AKA cage country. This story used to be bigger than 1000 words