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“Anny, I think I will turn in.”
“I will be up in a few minutes, Erwin. Would you check to see if the cat is in or out?”
“Does it matter? He’ll be alright either way.”
“No, please, there is a fox in the neighborhood. He might be dead by morning. Just call for him out the back door.”
“Random, here kitty, kitty, kitty. Come on in, boy.”
“Nothing, Anny. I’ll wait here for a while. Why don’t you check the house?”
“Ok. I won’t be able to sleep if I don’t know he is safe. The uncertainty will keep me up all night.”
“Random! Come on, boy. Don’t make me go looking for you.”
“Erwin, I found him. He’s asleep under the guest bed. He hasn’t moved, absolutely stationary.”
“We should have known he would be sleeping somewhere. His life is so time dependent.”
“Well, I’m glad we looked. Now we know.”

About the Author: 
Hal Stull works with the Navy, developing secure information systems. He owns a cat, obviously.