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Electros was all in a whirl. And she felt extremely negative. She tried to console herself with the thought, she was an electron, she ought to be negative. But, really, she was pretty certain that she was more in a whirl and more negative than all the others.
Electros considered the astronomical distances that separated her from the other particles. In an outer orbit, she whirled alone. All the other electrons were closer to the centre and whirled in pairs. Well, not exactly in pairs, being negative they tended to repel each other. But at least, they had opposite spin and that kept them cosy.
A million miles away – well, a million miles as far as she was concerned – was the centre, a bundle of neutrons and positrons. Even at that distance, Electros felt a definite attraction to one particular positron. Maybe she was just imagining it but she felt a definite charge between them. But it must’ve been only her imagination for the positron made no move toward her, staying centred while Electros just whirled round and round and round.
It wasn’t fair, Electros thought, them in their pairs, me alone.
As atoms and molecules drifted past, the lone electron eventually made a decision. She wasn’t going to take it anymore. She also wanted to be one of a pair. She also wanted her own companion electron. With desperate measures requiring desperate action, Electros had decided to become an unpaired valency electron, forcing her atom to become a free radical.
The negative electron, feeling a little less negative now she had a plan, psyched herself up. She’d never really cared about politics before. But on deciding to be a free radical, she obviously had to take a stance. Gleefully, she whirled on the outskirts of the atom and announced her position.
“To be more negative is to be more positive!” she declared. “More negative is more positive!”
The other electrons, disturbed by her behaviour, edged further away. Electros sniffed. As a free radical, she had no hope of pulling one of those electron pairs into her orbit. She had to find a loose electron elsewhere.
Electros thought her chance had come when a small molecule hurtled past in a grazing orbit. “Hello, Big Boy,” she vibrated with excitement. “You wanna good time? You wanna take a spin with me?”
In instant response, the molecule deviated in its course. It spiralled around Electros coming closer and closer. For a nano-moment, Electros felt a twinge of pride at her seductive skill. But two nano-moments later, she gulped. But it was too late. She’d given the come on to a superoxide molecule, one of the most potent free radicals on the block. It was certainly more powerful than her.
In a frantic whirl, Electros felt more negative than ever. Her immediate reaction was to pull in her head and pretend that she wasn’t there. But in the world of elementary particles, a nano-second was an eternity too long and a force began to pull at her. The superoxide was drawing her away! Electros was about to leave her familiar surroundings and be sucked into a foreign body.
The electron was desperate. She was a particle, true. But in her heart, she knew – by quantum, she knew! – that she was also a wave. And as a wave, she knew that she didn’t have a definite position. As a wave, she was merely a bundle of possibilities spread over the whole of the cosmos. As the suction on her increased, Electros dived deep within herself. There! Just as she was about to be wrenched out of orbit, she touched that secret place within her. Instantly, she was no longer a particle. She no longer had a fixed position. She could not be plucked out of orbit because she was no longer in one. Electros experienced a cosmic revelation. For a nano-nano-millisecond, her probability of being anywhere bobbed on the wave of reality.
The superoxide particle growled to itself, “That bloody Schrödinger Cat of an electron! I shouldn’t have observed it. If I hadn’t observed it, it would’ve stayed a particle.”
A nuclear physicist, studying his results, also growled. “Just when I think that I understand this bloody quantum physics,” he shouted, “another bloody weird thing takes place.”

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1. Research into Artificial Intelligence. 2. Dropout. Lived tai chi and meditation. 3. Writer of horror and maker of wooden automata.