The Card

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Lisa was the only survivor.
Lisa had been excited for many a day before Saturday. Saturday was aunt Elisabeth’s birthday. She was her favorite relative and the one whose name she had taken.
Lisa had persuaded her brother Michael to help her make a special card for the occasion. They had spent a whole afternoon zealously occupied with the construction of an intricate birthday card. To their eyes it was perfect. The precious card was placed inside a red round box under Lisa’s bed, where she kept everything of great importance to her.
And at last the day had come.
“Are you ready kids?” mum asked. Of course they were, so astonishingly eager to leave. Aunt Elisabeth was apparently not the kind of grumpy relative everybody hated! The family got into the car. Everything was settled and the card was safe and sound in the back seat waiting to be delivered to its rightful owner.
Lisa finally relaxed. She didn’t know why, but the whole thing with the card had made her really anxious the past few days. She was now incredibly relieved.
As soon as the engine started, the day was bound to be a great success.
They arrived just in time, even though there was a rather severe traffic jam. After a series of the usual hugs and kisses with long-lost relatives, the time had come. When Lisa (… and her brother) offered the card to her aunt, she felt prouder than ever. At that specific moment she believed that her whole life depended on that little square piece of paper…And maybe it did.

“Hurry kids! Aunt is waiting. We will not get there in time for the cake!” said mum and it was clear her patience wouldn’t last for long. Dad was already in the car and it was high time they left. Lisa pushed Michael in the back seat and the engine purred.
After some minutes of awkward silence, Lisa decided to talk. “It’s all your fault!” she accused her brother. “You were the one who was supposed to have held on to the card,” he answered back equally hostile. “I know where I had put it. Someone must have changed its place! When I opened the box I was sure I would find it there…”
The argument lasted for over five minutes, with the explanation of the card’s disappearance still shrouded in mystery. Hadn’t it been for that lost birthday card, and the extensive searching it involved, they would have probably arrived at aunt’s house by then.
Lisa was devastated. All she wanted was to give that card to her aunt and receive the usual praises. Michael always wanted to ruin her dreams, but he was too cowardly to admit his responsibility!
“Stop fighting about nonsense! It’s not the end of the world!” Mum sighed. “Now please, just be quiet! We’re almost there”
The children weren’t pleased, as their dispute was getting rather passionate, but decided not to pull their mother’s trigger.
Lisa gazed out of the window still frustrated. Even her mum had called the card nonsense…
A moment later everything turned upside down.
The witnesses claimed the car was running at extreme speed and that the driver hadn’t been paying attention.
Lisa was the only survivor…
…Or was she?

About the Author: 
I am a junior high school student from Greece. I like drawing, playing the piano and writing, but science thrills me as well as art!