Apollo's Overview

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Command module pilot Roy Pierce would later come to call it the Hand of God. But what the astronaut knew right now was that his spacecraft was on an imminent crash course with this strange phenomena. He was orbiting the far side of the Moon and he'd have no communication with his crewmates or Houston until he reappeared on the near side. The mountainous craters of the far side offered no consolation as the spacecraft came closer to the opening maw of some foreign place. Roy could see thousands of twinkling stars in the depths of this great scar, a rip, a rift that led him to all the possibilities.
Apollo 20's mission was on the surface of the Moon, a seven day affair to gather various geological samples and survey the landscape around the Tycho Crater. Roy Pierce didn't expect to find something in lunar orbit, not like this. His crewmates, Jason Williams and Kyle Hawkins, were on their third day on the surface of the Moon.
As the spacecraft was swallowed by this rift, this dimensional rip that Roy called the Hand of God (a thing that took him away from his own world and showed him many others), Roy uttered a short prayer under his breath.
When Roy came out of the rift, he was never the same. He would later spend his life finding the meaning of what the Universe, or God, had shown him. He looked out the window of the command module and saw the same stars, the same Moon, the same cratered highlands. Roy shook his head quickly; maybe it had been an hallucination.
It hadn't. As the spacecraft rounded the Moon, what Roy saw scarred him in a way unimaginable. Where the beautiful blue marble had been, a dark brown and muddied marble took its place. Roy could see thin weak veins of blue, straggling white clouds, and a corrupted, contaminated surface. Was this Earth?
"Mission control, this is Roy Pierce, do you copy?" Roy spoke in vain. Somehow he knew it wouldn't matter, he knew this wasn't the same place.
"It's all here." A voice whispered. Roy looked around the spacecraft, the eerie silence offered no reprieve. A strong ringing in Roy's ears caused him to swallow involuntarily. Roy looked back out the window at the muddied marble that must have been Earth. An Earth.
"All the possibilities must be played out Roy." A voice spoke from the darkness of space. "All the horrors and the failures must play out so that there can be success Roy." Roy watched as the muddied marble that was Earth changed. It flashed between different states, different horrors, different apocalypses. One was irradiated and green, another was flooded, not a dot of land anywhere, another was frozen over, and one more yet was covered completely in gray clouds.
"These are the failures that made your world possible. These are the shortcomings of humanity." The voice spoke in Roy's mind, and with utter clarity, Roy understood. He understood there were many other Universes, infinite Universes perhaps. Not just ones that are radically different from one another, but ones in which a single blade of grass in some field grew to the East instead of the West. Ones in which a single hydrogen atom was misplaced, ones in which one person's name was changed by a single letter. Some were very different, but many were almost exactly the same.
The voice showed him a Universe in which the first man to step on the moon was not Michael Collins, but Neil Armstrong who had been the command module pilot on Apollo 11 in his world. Ones in which the Apollo program ended at Apollo 17, not Apollo 20.
"Will we ever know, will you ever be able to stop them from happening to yours?" The voice asked. Roy watched as the spacecraft spun, and the shifting marble was replaced by the surface of the Moon. Roy could see Tycho crater, and on its peak he saw a colony. But the colony was destroyed, desolated. Scorched ground surrounded it. The voice took him closer. He could see the surface. Strewn out across the scorched ground were the bodies of astronauts in their EVA suits, skeletons of a world long gone, a world that was not his own but could have been. Or maybe someday would be.
"All the possibilities must be played out, Roy Pierce, what will become of the one you know and love?" Roy swallowed involuntarily again as the spacecraft shifted and showed the marble of Earth once again. This time, the voice showed him something beautiful, a grain of shimmering hope glinting on a beach filled with darkness, and in a few mere minutes healed the scar it had given Roy.
Earth was a beautiful green and blue, much like Roy's Earth, but this one had companions. Man-made moons orbiting Earth closely, observatories in the sky, laboratories and communities. Spacecraft traveling off to distant planets in their own solar system. An Earth that had discarded the problems of human existence, petty things like politics and war, and replaced them instead with something far more powerful and meaningful, science, exploration, friendship and love.
"This is the way things should be. So that you can learn about my many ways, and the beauty I created through the laws of nature, through the laws of science, through the laws of man given by me." Roy felt an immediate sense of euphoria as the empty space around him was filled with a great white light.
When Roy left the rift, he was never the same. He would not tell mission control what he had seen, he would not tell his crewmates what he had seen. Instead, he did everything he could to make what he had seen a reality. A gem in all the multiverse, an achievement that linked humanity across the great void that quantum laws had created.

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I'm a current undergrad student working on a dual major in computer science and astrophysics. I'm absolutely in love with the field of astronomy, and writing stories is one of my greatest passions. I also enjoy computers, programming, reading and video games.